Start-up fulfillment

Partner of Kickstarter & Start-up Companies

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We are a great partner for a kickstarter & Start-up Companies

As we know to be a kickstarter or start up a new business is not easy.  Our unique full service plan is designed for clients who choose to outsource their business processes.  Our clients may completely focus on product development and sales. To build up a back office staffs is not necessary.  We have done everything for our clients but design & promo their products, which makes us truly full-service partner, and perfect for Kickstarter & Start-up companies.

ATNATION is recognized as among the best for a number of reasons.  We are in a prime location – in the No.1 location for the fulfillment center of most business. No custom tariffs, low shipping costs, well-regulated city and business freedom, also Hong Kong is the largest freight-hub in Asia.

Our clients may focus on development & sales.  We take care of the rest – Warehousing, packaging & shipping.  We are a great resource for our clients as they face decisions about assembly, whether or not the product will be delivered to the fulfillment company fully packaged or whether the fulfillment company will do the packaging and so on.

If your start-up is successful and it’s time for you to choose a Fulfillment Partner.